Michelle is the writer, performer, co-director and producer of The Dirty Mother.

Mihelle is a Teaching Artist at Barking Gecko Theatre and Spare Parts Puppet Theatre. She is the writer of the Motherfesto and Facilitator of Mothers Who Make Perth Hub. Michelle is also a Yoga Teacher, Arts Education and Youth Theatre consultant.

Michelle has worked at Pegasus Theatre where she was the Youth Arts Team Leader and developed new creative learning programs to enable theatre, community and school-based learning through the arts. She also worked with Oxford Youth Theatre for 8 years as a tutor-director, making theatre for and with young people aged 6 to 26.

When I had Max, I quickly realised it wasn’t socially ok to talk about what happened during birth and this confused me.  We talk about men going to war and heroes rescuing villages and going on Odysseys, but we don’t talk about the heroic and often dangerous act of a woman bringing a life into the world, especially if that birth was difficult or devastating. 

“Much of Motherhood is an invisible experience explained via stereotypical characters and binaries:  good mother-bad mother, Glenda the Good Witch or Mommy Dearest aka Joan Crawford.  I feel compelled me to make stories that celebrate the lived experience of real mothers with all their complexities.  I want to make theatre that reveals the gritty, scary, unbelievable, messy, miraculous, bodacious nature of birth and mothering. You think Full Metal Jacket is an intense film, try being in a birthing suite for 36 hours!  I want the world to know more about that, to respect that, to celebrate that.