The Dirty Mother is a small act of civil disobedience, it’s punk maternity, electric guitar and exploding pomegranates.  The Dirty Mother reminds us that we were all born, that we all have a birth story.  Commune with Michelle, the mother-hero in this 21st century D-I-Y Birth Rite as she shits her baby out and breathes it back to life, dirty, but definitely alive and ripe for telling the tale – the one nice ladies are not supposed to tell.  The Dirty Mother will move, shock and leave you thinking about your own arrival to LIFE.

Part mythical epic, part graphic-physical comedy, The Dirty Mother (played by Hall)takes us on a gripping, hilarious and emotional journey through a post-natal underworld filled with guffawing, graphic humour, intergalactic karaoke and live music. Here, she must navigate the likes of a Giant Midwife, the oh-so-opinionated Royal Family and a Hugh-Grant-esque birth partner in order to find where her ‘self’ has gone and how she will recover it.

Birth plan in hand, she is ready. A goddess, a deity of fecundity and power with big hopes and even bigger pants. Dreaming of childbirth as a golden initiation into motherhood, we watch this Yummy Mummy step over the edge of her illusions and fall into an adventure of life and death on the way to a new reality.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will party like it’s 2009! You will scream for drugs; you will never feel more alive as you witness surges of the hysterical and the wild and come face-to-face with life and death in the birth of The Dirty Mother. We were all born, and this story is for everyone!

“It’s got everything, agony and ecstasy, anger and comedy, the promise of life and the danger of death.” – SeeSaw Magazine, 2019.