“present, physical, funny, poignant, moving.”

Carolyn Hannah, Born in a Taxi

“I just wanted to say congratulations and how moved I was…how amazingly you did to hold all that together in a one-woman act.  I laughed hard and cried hard too so it had it all.  I thought the camera tricks when you went upside down and looked like you were floating in the womb were brilliant…the story itself was horrifying and interesting…it was so lovely to see photos of your son at the end after all that – something very relieving and cathartic about that.
Dr Lara Stevens, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

“My best mate said this was profound. The music, voice overdubbing, physicality, story. Well done”
Marnie McKee

“The Dirty Mother reminded me exactly why theatre is important. Go see it at The Blue Room Theatre if you can.”
Rebecca Riggs 

“Loved this show! Thought you did a brilliant job of translating it onto a digital platform. Super engaging and took the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. Fantastic physicality too – well done all!” 
Anna Lehman Thomson, actor for Trash Puppets

Thank you, really thank you Michelle for one of the best shows I’ve seen…I laughed, I cried hysterically…
I was totally engaged with your story it was incredible

Nicola Libertad

“Hello! I was ushering your show last night and was too shy to come up after. But I wanted to say that it was incredible. I was crying tears of rage when you got to the part of your story about the doctor’s religion. And then legit tears of relief when you introduced Theresa. My husband cried too; thinking about his single mum, and how she was totally alone during an emergency c section. Thank you for telling this story and fuck the idea that only people who have given birth can appreciate it.”


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